What We Do/Product Stages

Stage 1 - Raw Idea

This is the start of any new product - coming up with the idea! At this point, you may have an idea of what you want the product to accomplish; however you have not determined exactly how it will be accomplished.

At this stage you need to protect your idea. One of the critical decisions will be to decide whether or not to file a patent. Their advantages and disadvantages to filing a patent. If you elect not to patent your product, then please remember to keep your mouth shut! Please don't be offended, but I cannot emphasize enough how important it is not to talk about the idea publically. Please speak with a patent attorney.

At this stage, Contactor Tech can refer you to a qualified patent attorney and make sure your product idea is protected. However, before filing, Contractor Tech can help by performing a product viability analysis. Given our distribution, manufacturing and technical expertise, we can quickly determine if we think that a product will be successful.

Unfortunately not all ideas make it to market and our job is to save you time, money and heart ache. We have seen it too many times where good people go broke pursuing an idea that will not make money for the inventor. Our goal is to educate you on the process, save potentially wasted time and focus on the products that have the best chance of success. Give us a call and see if your product idea is one of the winners!

Stage 2 - Prototype/Design

Depending on the complexity of the product, at this point you are either creating prototypes in your garage or are seeking engineering companies to create a formal product specification. This time is very exciting as you are tinkering with your idea, trying new materials, processes or methods and doing everything possible to make the product work.

If the product is complex, then hiring a design firm is preferable.Contractor Tech has a network of trusted firms that can ensure your product will be designed with manufacturing and distribution in mind, to give the product every chance of success. This is typically when a mold is developed in order to create a working prototype. Again, this is another pitfall area where inexperienced contractors will overpay for a mold and set their budget and dreams back.

In this stage, contractors working with Contractor Tech will appreciate our experience. We evaluate products in the stage and make recommendations that will reduce manufacturing costs, increase the marketability of the product or increase the functionality of the product.

Our goal is to bring a product to market that has value to the end-user, whether it is a contractor, business owner or home owner, and makes money for everyone. We rely on our manufacturing, distribution and marketing expertise to make this happen.

Stage 3 - Market Launch

At this point, a functional prototype has been created, initial manufacturing costs are set, the product is packaged and you are ready to sell to your local distributor. If you have been in the industry long enough you know enough local wholesaler that will buy your product and give it a try.

This is where pricing the product becomes crucial. Do you know how much a wholesaler expects to make on your type of product? What is reasonable? Are you planning to offer a rebate?

In addition, logistics and growing nationally becomes a challenge. How do you handle national wholesalers? What will they demand versus your local wholesaler? Do you hire sales reps or internal resources?

At this stage cash flow is of critical concern and the lack of infrastructure can severely impact your ability to sell quickly. The slower the grow, the more opportunity is given to people with the resources to offer a competitive product and seize market share before you have an opportunity to get out of your state.

Contractor Tech can help significantly at this stage. With our manufacturing expertise, financial resources and nationwide distribution network we can bring a product to market quickly and efficiently. We will entrench your product at the wholesale level and gives us a jump on the competition.