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QuickBlast™ Background

QuickBlast™ was invented by Michael Sears, a 40 year air conditioning technician veteran, and business owner. Michael started with one QuickBlast™ sale to one wholesaler in 2010 in the greater Dallas area, and then it spread word of mouth throughout Texas and into Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Michael partnered with Contractor Tech in 2012 to expand sales throughout the county.

Product Benefits

No more cutting lines and having to drain water! QuickBlast™ completely clears all drain lines in all directions quickly and effectively. With the QuickBlast™ you can isolate and blow out condensate drain lines. Valve will not leak, even when lines are full.

• For all units, residential or commercial.
• Goes anywhere in drain line.
• Makes blow out for scheduled maintenance easy.
• Needed on every drain.
• Cut it once and never again!
• Great source for additional revenue!
• Schedule 80. UV Resistant.

SKU Description
QB1     QuickBlast™ Blow Out and isolation valve

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