Mullenix Furnace Tool

The Mullenix Furnace Tool was invented by Tim Mullenix in 2007. After developing the product and selling the product in the local Portland, Oregon market, Tim decided in late 2011 to partner with Contractor Tech. With the official product launch scheduled for ASHRAE 2012, Contractor Tech hopes to repeat their success of Magjumper with the Mullenix Furnace Tool.

Product Benefits

Contractors can finally put away the duct tape when trying to keep the furnace engaged during diagnostics. The Mullenix Furnace Tool saves time and money by attaching to the furnace chassis and clamping down on the furnace switch to keep it engaged. The Mullenix Furnace Tool works on all types of furnace switches and is a must-have tool during the heating season.

SKU Description
MFT1 Mullinex Furnace Tool