The Magnetic Jumper or Magjumper was the brain child of HVAC contractor Steve Fischer. With the aid of his partner and fellow HVAC contractor, Steve Melby, Steve and Steve introduced the product to their local market in 2010. Contractor Tech helped launch Magjumper at ASHRAE in 2011 and during the course of the year, Contract Tech helped sell 25 times their 2010 volume. With Contractor Tech's distribution network the product is now found coast to coast in most HVAC wholesale branches. In addition, Contractor Tech has been working with Steve and Steve on further enhancements to the product. Stay tuned!

Product Benefits

The Magjumper replaces traditional alligator clips so that when diagnosing recessed or
hard-to-get-to terminals, the jumpers stay put. No more popping off terminals! The Magjumper is great for low voltage troubleshooting on thermostats, control boards, sensors and switches.

SKU Description
MJ1 Majumper 1-20" ,  Yellow Tip
MJ1-RED Majumper 1-20" ,  Red Tip
MJ1-GRN Majumper 1-20" ,  Green Tip
MJ1-BLU Majumper 1-20" ,  Blue  Tip
MJ1-BLA Majumper 1-20" ,  Black  Tip
MJ1-MCC Multi-Color case of Majumpers (25 total)
5 Blue tips, 5 Black tips, 5 red tips,
5 Green tips, 5 Yellow tips