Welcome To Contractor Tech

Combining our manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution expertise, Contractor Tech can help you bring your product to market.  Contractor Tech works with contractors and inventors at all stages of the product lifecycle.  Contractor Tech can help develop raw ideas, assist in the patent application process, design and build prototypes, conduct market research, mass produce products, and sell products through our existing distribution network. With over 35 sales reps on the ground across the country we can turn your idea into reality.

If you have a product or idea, and you are ready to take action, give us a call or attend one of our free monthly webinars.  In our webinars we discuss how to properly bring a product to market, how to avoid some of the common pitfalls and how we operate.  Through our webinar you will understand the challenges that an inventor faces and why one should consider Contractor Tech as a solution for bringing your idea to market.

Give us a call at 877-563-2848.